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 VMAX V3 1800mah Chrome Variable Voltage images

  • VMAX V3 1800mah Chrome Variable Voltage images
  • VMAX V3 1800mah Chrome Variable Voltage images

VMAX V3 1800mah Chrome Variable Voltage

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V3 is the latest version of the famous VMAX.

Light and easy to use, with large and brilliant display, all settings are changed through the use of a single button, change the desired voltage from 3v to 6v, with an increase / decrease of 0.1 v, check the level charge of both batteries 900mah, on and off, turn on or off the LED of the button, check the ohm atomizer.


DCT 510
Phoenix V3
DID Genesis

Menu is accessed by clicking four times in rapid succession on the button. Entering the menu every click you move to the next rotation between 6 different submenus.
Reached the submenu of interest you have to wait a couple of seconds, and switching between settings, click Change with next.
Waiting for two or three seconds without acting in any position of the menu, the system exits the menu and the last settings are active.

The 6 main menus are:

1.Uu / voltage regulation in INCREASE of 0.1 V for every click. Reached 6 V starts from 3 V

2.Ud / voltage regulation in DECREASE of 0.1 V for every click. Reached 3 V to 6 V again

3.So / Turn on or off the VMAX, and possible options S.on S.oF. In this latter position, the VMAX is off and if you press the button on the display 3 dashes will appear, but will not deliver current.

4.Uc / shows the open circuit voltage of the two batteries in series

5.dS / allows you to select what size you want to see on the display when using the VMAX each time you press the button. The options are: do (set voltage), dA (resistance atomizer mounted - 9.99 means atomizer broken), du (voltage of the two batteries in series)

6.The / L.on options (blue LED that lights up in the button lights up and the display sideways every time you press the button) and L.oF (blue LED off)


1 x Battery Body

2 x 18350 Batteries 900mah

1 x Charger

1 x User's Manual

1 x Gift Box

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