Atomizer Eleaf - Eleaf LYCHE RBA Head

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Brand: Eleaf

Product Code: 1816

Availability: In Stock

Price: 8.90€ 5.90€
Ex Tax: 4.84€
Tags: Atomizer, Eleaf, Atomizer Eleaf, Eleaf, LYCHE, RBA, Head, Eleaf LYCHE RBA Head

Description Atomizer Eleaf - Eleaf LYCHE RBA Head


A RBA head is added for the LYCHE atomizer for your preference. Being rebuildable and reuseable, this RBA head will provide you with DIY fun, allowing you to rebuild coils that cater to your needs in an economical way.

Simple Structure:
It comes with:
Spares include:
2×Hex screws
1×Hex key


Easy Rebuilding:
Roll a coil of the resistance you prefer and stuff a piece of cotton through the coil; then fix the built coil onto the base by tightening the two hex screws with a hex key; finally screw the cap on, cut out spare cotton and a DIY atomizer head is ready for use.




1. Please make sure the finally fixed coil doesn’t come into contact with the surface of the base and the inner wall of the cap.
2. Please first drip a few drops of e-liquid directly into the cotton to make the coil full saturated before use.
3. Please don’t vape until e-liquid nearly runs out. Otherwise, the coil will be damaged.

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