Big Battery Electronic Smok - SMOK Koopor Mini 2 80W

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Brand: Smok

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Description Big Battery Electronic Smok - SMOK Koopor Mini 2 80W

Yes!I Care About You!

High performance, cost-effective and affordable—Yes, it is KOOPOR, which would be preferred by youthful vaping group. KOOPOR MINI can satisfy most vapors. Now, after one year’s creating, KOOPOR MINI2 is coming, it features with higher 80W power, TC/VW Modes and optional 4-color. In addition, the Micro-USB port supports firmware upgrading & charging; so that you can refresh the device at any time. Choose it and love it for its superhigh Performance-to-Price Ratio. Among so many mod boxes, Yes!I Care About You!—KOOPOR MINI 2!


KOOPOR MINI2 supports firmware upgrading with a USB port so that you can keep up with vaping evolution.


KOOPOR brand insists cost-effective & affordable and high performance to meet up with young vapers' demands.

Dual Driver System

Recently, most devices on the market have “single driver system”, which means that it’s only one option, either boost or buck the voltage. However, KOOPOR has integrated our own Dual Driver System that works to buck and boost the voltage to improve the accuracy and speed of regulating, and enhance the consistency and taste of every puff. Or let me explain that by using a metaphor: other devices can be compared to front or rear wheel drive vehicle, and KOOPOR to all-wheel drive, which tends to produce a more outstanding performance.

High-frequency Dynamic Monitoring Resistance

HFDMR, is a high-frequency resistance sensing technology, which can detect atomizer resistance once every 250 microseconds, with a precision of approximately 4000 times per second, thus regulating the temperature of heating coil more effectively.

Adjustable Initial Resistance

Adjustable Initial Resistance, a new feature added to the KOOPOR MINI 2, is designed to ensure your resistance on the load remains the same. As we all know that the atomizer resistance is changeable, there will be different values by factors such as poor contact, and interference from simply screw it tighter or looser.

80W TC/VW Modes

KOOPOR MINI 2 allows you to switch between VW Mode and TC Mode as you like. VM is perfect for vapor chaser, and TC is to ensure absolutely no burnt taste!

Magnetic Design

Oh, no! Don’t tell me you are still using screwdriver to replace battery. That sucks, doesn’t it? Now, Koopor MINI 2 takes magnet-held battery cover. You can simply slide it off and replace battery without tools.



First using 0.91-inch Bare OLED Screen, KOOPOR mini2 has a bigger and brighter display to let you feel more comfortable to read. Even in the outdoor strong light conditions, it's easy to see what's on the display.

+/- Button Comparison

The +/- Buttons of KOOPOR MINI are vertical, while that of KOOPOR MINI 2 are horizontal, different location design can bring diverse user experience.


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