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We are in Rome at Via Roberto Ghiglianovich, 10.

We are a company specializing in sales, both wholesale and retail electronic cigarettes, exclusive distributors of spare parts and liquids.

SVAPOSTORE.NET is Kanger, Aspire, Eleaf iSmoka,  Efest, Justfog, Innokin, Dea Flavor BigFlavor, EnjoySvapo official distributor.


Official studies shall document its effectiveness both in economic terms and healthful.
The electronic cigarette can be a valuable aid to quit smoking or to drastically reduce the consumption of tobacco with significant benefits.
The health: more than 4000 toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke. If you smoke a pack a day absorbs in a year, the equivalent of a cup of tar in 20 years 6 kg of dust particles. Nicotine, condensate (tar or asphalt), carbon monoxide and certain irritant gases (nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, acrolein, etc..) Are the most harmful agents in the smoke to health. cigarette smoke produces PM10 in a similar manner to pollution from traffic.
The economic one: if you smoke an average of a pack of cigarettes per day by switching to digital smoke risparmiarete up to 80%.
Seeing is believing

Our cigarettes are CE and ROHS certified, we emphasize this aspect because the manufacturer's choice was not easy. Many had certifications, many reported the CE China Export and non-EC European Conformity, with the most competitive prices but at the expense of the quality and safety of the product. Untangling the myriad of manufacturers took a long time. Many franchises sold at more than double the prices charged by us and many of these products do not have the CE mark but the original silkscreened China Export.


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