eLIQUID DO IT YOURSELF - Absinthe Concentrate Flavor T-Svapo

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Brand: T-Svapo

Product Code: 300

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Description eLIQUID DO IT YOURSELF - Absinthe Concentrate Flavor T-Svapo

Aroma Concentrate to the taste of Absinthe
Wormwood (more precisely wormwood) is a plant scientifically called artemisia absinthium. is a fairly common shrub in alpine areas, characterized by a silvery-green color and an extremely bitter taste.
In Italian with the word absinthe is also referred to '"absinthe", a liqueur made by distilling herbs, including artemisia absinthium, anise, fennel, lemon balm, coriander and hyssop. L'absinthe experienced a remarkable diffusion in 800 and was banned in most of the world's top 900, and from that moment began all legends about Absinthe as a dangerous drug, with strange powers. In fact, Absinthe has no narcotic effect, and the reasons that led to the ban were of an entirely different nature.
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Suggested dilution: 1-3%
Product 100% Italian



Aroma Distillate
Quantità(ml) 10ml

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