eLiquid NewFlavours Fruity - NewFlavours Passion Fruit 10ml

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Description eLiquid NewFlavours Fruity - NewFlavours Passion Fruit 10ml

The name "Passion Fruit" is the legacy of the Spanish missionaries who, seeing for the first time in the Americas this pure white flower heart pink or purple, they associated the structure to the symbols of the Passion of Christ: the three stems for nails Crucifixion, the stamens to the wounds of Jesus - surrounded by a crown of thorns - the receptacle for the Chalice and petals for the garments of the Lord.

There are two varieties of liquid for electronic cigarettes passion fruit: the "Granadilla", with its characteristic bright orange-yellow skin, and "Maracuja", skinned red-violet. We have them melted down to give you a flavor unique.

The taste is sweet with a sour note and every inhaled feel nostalgia for the beautiful beaches of Brazil, where this fruit grows wild, or you will feel catapulted into wide expanses of Australia, where the Gringos grow it.

With "passion" we were able to include in a liquid two continents savages to discover.

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