Brand KangerTech

Brand KangerTech

KangerTech - developer products such, as Kanger SubTank Nano Set Colored O-Ring, KangerTech EVOD, Kanger Topbox Mini Starter Kit Black Edition
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Kanger Atomizer CE4

3.00€ 2.00€ Ex Tax: 1.64€

The Kanger Clearomizer CE4 V2 tank 1.6 ml, practical because it allows to be filled directly with th.....

Based on 14 reviews.

Resistenza Bottom Dual Coil per KangerTech Protank 3, Mini Protank 3, AeroTank, Evod 2, Mow, T3D, ri.....


Kanger Evod, Protank, Protank II, Unitank Head Coil

1.50€ 0.90€ Ex Tax: 0.74€

Head coil for Evod, Protank, Protank II e Unitank original from KangerTech 1.5ohm, 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm. .....

Based on 3 reviews.

The new Head Coil SOCC MT32 use the japanese organic cotton. Replace for Evod, Protank, Protank II .....

Kanger T3S MT3S Head Coil

1.00€ Ex Tax: 0.82€

Replace coil  KangerTech for T3 e MT3S resistence 1.8ohm, 2.2ohm o 2.5ohm. 100% made from Ka.....


Kanger VOCC Head Coil

2.00€ 1.35€ Ex Tax: 1.11€

New Coils VOCC vertical dual coil, with cotton inside Resistenza VOCC Bottom Dual Coil con cotone al.....


KangerTech EVOD

3.00€ 2.10€ Ex Tax: 1.72€

Kanger EVOD steaming intense, excellent perception of flavor comparable to the phantom (eGo W), with.....

KangerTech Evod 2

3.80€ Ex Tax: 3.11€
Based on 1 reviews.

Kanger EVOD 2 Dual Bottom Coil made from Kangertech. Nuovo atomizzatore dotato di un serbato di c.....

KangerTech Mini Protank 2

8.90€ Ex Tax: 7.30€

KangerTech Mini Protank II, younger brother of Protank II, ideal on eGo batteries, latest in home Ka.....

KangerTech Mini Protank 3

5.50€ Ex Tax: 4.51€
Based on 2 reviews.

KangerTech Mini Protank 3, ultimo nato in casa KangerTech, fratello minore del Protank 3, ideale per.....


KangerTech T2

3.00€ 2.40€ Ex Tax: 1.97€
Based on 1 reviews.

Hot steam and aroma crisp, resistance at the top, 2.2ohm clear color. 100% original from Kangerte.....


KangerTech T2 Head Coil

0.80€ 0.70€ Ex Tax: 0.57€

Head Coil for KangerTech T2 1,8ohm, 2,2ohm e 2.5ohm. Prodotto 100% originale KangerTech .....

KangerTech T3D

3.60€ Ex Tax: 2.95€

KangerTech T3D Dual Bottom Coil made from Kangertech. Nuovo atomizzatore dotato di un serbato di .....


Kangertech T3S 3ml

3.40€ 3.30€ Ex Tax: 2.70€

KangerTech T3S steaming hot and intense, excellent perception of flavor comparable to the phantom (e.....

KangerTech Unitank

9.90€ Ex Tax: 8.11€
Based on 1 reviews.

From KangerTech the new Kanger Unitank, with bottom coil atomizer. Kanger Unitank offers the same f.....

Prova il nuovo Bottom Dual Coil Vigor, supporta fino a 6 volt ed è compatibile con atomizzatori Kang.....


Kanger Aerotank Turbo

33.90€ 23.00€ Ex Tax: 18.85€
Based on 2 reviews.

The all new, and huge, Kanger Aerotank Turbo. Improving on previously good design, Kanger have creat.....


Kanger Ceramic Coil

4.50€ 3.50€ Ex Tax: 2.87€

KangerCeramic Coil for SUBTANK Series TOPTANK Series and NEBOX.   Attention: The Ceramic Co.....

Kanger CLOCC Coil - CLTank

2.60€ Ex Tax: 2.13€
Based on 2 reviews.

Replacement Coil / Atomizer Head for: Kanger CLTANK 2.0 Kanger CLTANK 4.0 CLOCC (Organic Cott.....

Kanger CLTank Atomizer

19.00€ Ex Tax: 15.57€

Kanger CLTANK Packing List 1 x Cltank CL Tank 2ml/4ml 1 x CLOCC(SUS316L)0.5ohm 1 x CLOCC(Ni20.....


Kanger CUPTI Starter kit 75W

78.90€ 49.90€ Ex Tax: 40.90€
Based on 1 reviews.

Batteriy not included .....


16.90€ Ex Tax: 13.85€

Kanger DRIPBOX 160W Starter kit

64.90€ 55.90€ Ex Tax: 45.82€

Kanger Dripbox 2 TC Starter Kit 80W

51.00€ Ex Tax: 41.80€
Based on 7 reviews.

The Kanger Dripbox 2 TC Starter Kit is perfect for vapers looking to get that incredible dripper fla.....