Brand Sailebao

Brand Sailebao

Sailebao - developer products such, as Sailebao EGO-V v2 1200mah, Sailebao EGO-V v3 Mega 1300mah, Sailebao eGo-V v4 1300mah
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Sailebao EGO-V v2 1200mah

24.90€ Ex Tax: 20.41€

Battery Sailebao 1200 mAh Lithium mod. Ego-V v2 variable voltage, lcd display showing the charge lev.....

Sailebao EGO-V v3 Mega 1300mah

28.90€ Ex Tax: 23.69€

Lithium battery 1300 mAh mod. Ego-V V3 variable voltage and variable wattage, ohms meter with LCD di.....

Sailebao eGo-V v4 1300mah

29.90€ Ex Tax: 24.51€

GreenVaper is the new brand that Sailebao will be used on all future models eGo-V from this, the eGo.....

Sailebao KGO Mega Battery 1300mah

11.50€ Ex Tax: 9.43€

New KGO Mega V2 made it from Sailebao. Slightly wider than the V2 KGO, but it is also shorter than t.....

Battery eGo-T USB Passthorugh 1100mah

9.90€ Ex Tax: 8.11€

eGo-T 1100mah USB, a convenient eGo 1100mah battery with passthrough function, meaning it can be use.....

Sailebao ArrowTank Coil

1.50€ Ex Tax: 1.23€

Bottom dual coil for Sailebao GreenVaper ArrowTank 1.5 or 2.0ohm......

Sailebao Manito Coil

1.60€ Ex Tax: 1.31€

Bottom dual coil for Sailebao GreenVaper Manito 1.5ohm......